Offshore Software Development

The Offshore Development Center Model can help organizations improve business performance and focus on strategic business objectives by leveraging resources and expertise from anywhere in the world, round the clock and at competitive costs. Under the Offshore Development Center approach, a globally distributed team delivers the solution. The onsite team interacts daily with the client to define requirements, review prototypes, provide acceptance testing, project management, and determine scope changes. The offshore team ensures quality execution at a low cost, as well as access to technology competency centers. Onsite and offshore teams collaborate on common systems linked by the service provider’s global network. This 24×7 iterative process is well suited to new technologies and e-Business needs.

For organizations to stay ahead in today’s fast-changing business scenario, time is the single biggest factor -time to market, time to respond to customers, time to launch new products etc

Our Software process encompasses two main areas:
Full Life Cycle Software Development – either on-site or offshore, which covers all aspects of software development from requirements definition through development, quality assurance, installation, education/training and implementation. Software Transition – Transforming code from legacy technologies to newer frameworks or platforms.
BPSI specializes in both these areas:
BPSI’s software engineering group offerings have been designed to give customers the flexibility they require, with time and quality taking utmost importance. With software development facilities (at India And USA), organizations to choose between onsite and offshore development or combination of both.
  • Manpower Augmentation
  • Offshore Services
  • Software Development
  • Methodologies
  • BPO Business
  • Consulting Services
  • Offshore Services
  • Software Development.

Software Solutions Group:
An organization’s need for complex solutions that can integrate with a multitude of existing applications and technologies has increasingly become a necessity. For business-critical applications, this has become even more essential, resulting in an increasing number of organizations recognizing that building a custom solution may be the more suitable choice. In today’s marketplace, in order to stay relevant, companies face a multitude of issues including-Change needs to made fast and efficiently

-Resources (people, equipment, methods) need to be available
-Competition for these resources may be intense
-Business models even if they change need to be viable
-Costs need to be controlled
-Technology stacks adopted need to work

Software Development Services:

For Software Development we work with key enterprise technologies:

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. BI and DW
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Google Apps
  5. Infor
  6. Microsoft Technologies
  7. Oracle Apps
  8. Project Management
  9. Salesforce/CRM
  10. SAP
  11. Databases
  12. Microsoft SQL
  13. Mongo
  14. MySQL
  15. Oracle
  16. PostgreSQL
  17. Programming languages
  18. Dot net
  19. Java
  20. JavaScript
  21. PHP
  22. Python
  23. Ruby on Rails
  24. Mainframe technologies:  CICS, COBOL, IMS
  25. Automated and Manual Testing
  26. Digital Marketing Services
  27. Content Marketing
  28. Display Ad Marketing
  29. Email Marketing
  30. Landing Pages
  31. Paid Search
  32. Remarketing
  33. SEO
  34. Business Process Outsourcing
  35. Call Center to support roll out of mobile services internationally.
  36. Lead Generation.
  37. Medical Billing and Collection.
  38. Medical Transcription.
  39. Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
  40. Telemarketing.
  41. Technical Help Desk
  42. UX/UI Design
  43. Graphic Design
  44. Animation
  45. Product design