The call center is a vital link to a company’s customers. It’s also something of a money pit. For having a successful outsourcing decision taken, the companies strategy should be clear and well defined to handle multiple kinds of work simultaneously. Fortunately, customer service executives say many things can be done to reduce costs and ease administration. Many companies consider outsourcing as a good way to augment or improve their service support. Outsourcing a contact center can be a viable option depending on the business model employed and your current business conditions. The tough part is often answering the question Why Outsource?”

Our clients sell very sophisticated products and services. Their call center service must be professional and
“seamless” to the prospective client. Members of our dedicated staff of salaried professionals have a minimum of four years experience each in corporate sales, corporate communications and advertising. They have developed processes for gathering information about your market, making the learning curve very short.

Why Considering BPSI for Outsourcing
Our offshore outsourcing contact center are equipped with a team of well-qualified, dedicated call center professionals who can prove to be a valuable asset in providing a host of solutions for your call center needs and solutions. Our offshore services include making your company “future-proof”. As your outsourcing partner we keep your options flexible and remain responsive to the latest trends and developments. Our contact center provides the most appropriate calling solutions for you. Our outsourcing methodology will alleviate your outsourcing risks. It is certain that the value proposition promised by our outsourcing unit will materialize for your firm.
Outsourcing Manpower Augmentation
Our offshore service provides a cost saving of 50-60% when compared to an in-house execution or call center project execution in US. We guarantee maximum perfection and minimum error rate because we have confidence in the high-quality call management at our outsourcing center in Pune, India. Our centers provide an access to a pool of skilled call center professionals who are well-qualified experts, whose technical query handling and call handling skills have been sharpened at our offshore centers through special training programmers.
Call Center
To make a decision on outsourcing Some of the things that a company can take care of are:
The contact center’s role in delivering the results described in the business model. A contact center’s need for capital and human resources compared to alternatives. The operating cost benefits realized from leveraging assets or derived from economies of scale. Ability to deliver service support expectations implied in the business model. The influence a contact center has on maintaining the customer and market position stated in the business model.3 BPSI provide project management, technical and functional resources to augment your current staff. Using our offshore, on-site staffing model, we can quickly supply Level 0 to level 5 skilled consultants with a very short turn around. BPSI uses a three-phase qualification process BEFORE a client receives a resume. Starting with a detailed discussion and background check to a complete due diligence interview by a senior BPSI program manager with deep domain expertise, you are assured the very best, a qualified resource at nearshore rates.


Call Center Services:

For Call Center our Focus Areas are:

  1. Customer Care
  • Customer retention
  • Research escalated cases and provide solution
  • Cross-sell / up-sell purchases
  • Compliant and query resolution
  • Activation and change of services
  • Billing queries
  • Product information support
  • Order management
  • Warranty/replacement support
  • Booking and reservations
  • Loyalty programs
  • Account queries and maintenance
  • Insurance claims calls
  1. Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Installation support
  • Software usage and problems
  • Application and desktop related queries
  • Internet related issues
  • Connectivity problems
  • Up-sell / cross-sell services and products
  • Computer hardware queries
  • Product related services queries
  • Product upgradation and accessories