Avi Kulkarni

Developer, Product Engineer, Marketer, Team Builder and Entrepreneur

Over 25 years of experience in founding and running successful businesses in the United States and India.

  • Avinash Kulkarni
  • 116,Millburn Avenue,
    Suite 108,Millburn NJ 07041 USA
  • avi@panhealth.com
  • +1 973 568 0605


    • CEO 1999 – Present

      PanHealth Inc.

      Currently CEO of PanHealth, a firm he founded in 1999 to create technologies for disease management, inventing products to help the process of data collection from home health devices. He has led the firm to over $1.2 million in annual revenue, largely bootstrapped using Indian outsourcing in lieu of Venture Capital financing.

      Avi has formed a team of physicians, pharmacists, technologists, and business advisors to start the company. He has developed basic prototype using personal funds. Conducted a capital formation campaign and raised $2.4 million as Series A Preferred Capital from individual accredited investors. He hired the management team, including a CTO, VP of Sales, and built the software engineering and system engineering teams. Created a channel sales strategy with sales agents in 10 US states. Designed the Products, Managed Product development with Oracle/SQL, Dot Net, PHP, Ruby, Apps with iOS and Android , Embedded Devices. Created a Mobile Health Platform and Managed 24×7 data center and BPO operations.

      Currently planning to raise $8 million to expand PanHealth’s sales and marketing efforts, continue the patent protection, FDA approvals and clinical trials of the company flagship products, including the Compliance Engine®, Smart Pill Box®, SMS-4-health® and IM Health®.

      PanHealth’s unique approach to the integration of disease management with practice/hospital management is already receiving attention thanks to the new focus on EMR/EHR from the US President Obama.

    • Founder / CEO 1997 – Present

      Blue Planet Solutions Inc.

      Founded Blue Planet Solutions in 1997 as a software consulting company providing software development, staff augmentation, call center and other BPO strategies. He built Blue Planet Solutions into a company with $5MM in annual revenue. Created an offshore call center and marketed those services in US and UK. Served customers like Lockheed Martin, Motorola, EDS, IBM, Lucent, AT&T. Has created a eLearning system using web 2.0 technologies to create a revenue producing social network around education and corporate training.

    • CEO 1983 – 1996

      Data Guru International Inc and Roseland Computer Center Inc.

      During 1983 to 1996 ran Data Guru International Inc and Roseland Computer Center Inc. as computer hardware and network management companies with revenue of $43 million per year. He managed a team of 50 people.

    • CEO 1980 – 1987

      Avitron Data Systems Inc.

      During 1980 to 1987 ran Avitron Data Systems Inc. as a software development firm helping Banking, Brokerage and Insurance companies in New York.

    • Systems Analyst 1972 – 1979

      New York

      Migrated to US in 1979 and worked as a systems analyst in New York on Medicaid application development.

    • Senior Consultant 1977 – 1979

      A F Ferguson and Company, Mumbai, INDIA.

      Worked at A F Ferguson and Company Mumbai during 1977 to 1979 as a senior consultant working on Utility Billing Systems.

    • Programmer Analyst, Systems Analyst and Project Leader 1977 – 1979

      Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Mumbai, INDIA.

      Worked with Larsen and Toubro Ltd at Mumbai during 1972 to 1977 as a programmer analyst, systems analyst and a project leader.



  • Masters in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science 1972

    IIT Kanpur, INDIA
  • BE Electrical Engineering 1970

    Vishweswarayya College of Engineering Nagpur
  • Certificate in Data Base Technologies 1980

    New York University