Job: Network Security Officer

Title Network Security Officer
Start Date 2015-02-02
Location US-NY-New York City
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Position Description/Responsibilities:
POSITION: Network Security Officer


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Network Security AVP SUMMARY The Network Security Officer is responsible for safeguarding data held by the bank. Working with all IT personnel, including the Information Security Officer and the Information Technology (IT) Manager, the Network Security Officer observes and monitors the security of websites, applications, computers, hardware, networks and databases. He is tasked with continual observation of the bank’s current information security posture to make recommendations to those involved on how to strengthen it. The Network Security Officer is also tasked with influencing company-wide security standards and procedures based on the prevailing bank policies. In addition he is tasked with review of any and all IT related solutions to be evaluated for their security posture prior to project approval and the continual follow up to assure that the agreed upon recommendations to strengthen the security posture of these solutions are being adhered to. The Network Security Officer also assumes the role of project team leader for security-related projects, which includes a wide range of tasks, such as the assignment of responsibilities to other team members as it relates to ensuring that all security products or services are being implemented efficiently, remain up to date, and function optimally. In this role the Network Security Officer ensures that all security project-related documents are complete, up-to-date and properly stored. DAY-TO-DAY


1. Primary responsibility in the design, development and installation of network security standards, equipment and controls in all locations.
2. Primary responsibility in the monitoring, support and maintenance of the Security Information Event Manager, Firewall Infrastructure, Network Device/ Server /PC DLP Monitoring and File Integrity Monitoring platforms.
3. Primary responsibility in the monitoring, support and maintenance of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention security controls.
4. Primary responsibility in Internet Access controls, to ensure protection from internet born threats against all branches.
5. Primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of all network security related documents (i.e. Architecture diagrams, Security Solution Matrix, etc.)
6. Responsible for installation, maintenance, management and troubleshooting of security controls such as network access controls, virtual private networks and other security controls and systems.
7. Responsible for creating and establishing on-going alerting notifications of events, for necessary parties of potential warnings and threats.
8. Responsible for the remote network security of all extranet branch offices connected via VPN.
9. Responsible for secure architectural review of design implementations to the network.
10. Secondary responsibilities include being primary/backup support for all systems the Security Administrator performs.
11. Responsible for reviewing policies and rules of all security hardware and software, to eliminate security holes and gaps.
12. Responsible for review of any and all external-internal file transfer technologies/solutions.
13. Perform other duties, as assigned, which fall within scope of responsibility.



 Thorough knowledge of computer hardware and software, local and wide area networks systems.
Thorough knowledge of new developments related to information security and networks management.
 Thorough knowledge of common security controls (i.e. Firewalls, IPS, SEIM, VPN, etc)
Technical Skills:
 Network Diagnostic (Wireshark, Solarwinds, MRTG, TCPdump, WinDump)
 Network Equipment (Cisco, HP)
 Operating System Technology (Windows Server 2003/2008, VMware, Linux)
 Workstation Technology (Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8)
 Security Discovery (NMAP, Nessus)
 Security Controls (McAfee NSP/NSM, Checkpoint R7X, Checkpoint UTM/NGFW, Checkpoint SPLAT, Nokia IP Series, Juniper SRX, Trustwave Mirage NAC, Bluecoat Proxy SG, Bluecoat ProxyAV, Bluecoat Director, Bluecoat Reporter, RSA SecurID)
 Security Monitoring (Tripwire Log Center, Tripwire Enterprise, SNORT,Snare)
 VPN Technology (Checkpoint VPN IPSEC, , Array Networks SSL VPN)
 Office Applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, Project)
 CISSP or equivalent
 Ability to identify and diagnose problems related to computer hardware and software and to find effective solutions.
 Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
 Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, vendors, contractors and the general public.
 Ability to analyze and solve problems.
 Effective problem solving techniques and analytical skills with the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously and perform effectively under pressing deadlines. OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION
Experience Needed:
 Minimum 5 years experience in security systems architecture and implementation
 Minimum 3 years experience managing a network

Education Required:
 Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent in job experience) in computer science or related field and ten years experience in network architecture, information security architecture and support and project management

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