Job: NetIQ Professional

Title NetIQ Professional
Start Date 2015-01-22
Location US-NY-Brooklyn
Job Information

Position Description/Responsibilities:

NetIQ Professional


CAI is looking for a NetIQ Professional.


Partners– please see vendor comments


Duration- 6 mos

Rate- negotiable


  • Senior Level Consultant who has deployed NetIQ AppManager (version 8.2) and managed infrastructure environments utilizing AppManager, Analysis Center and AppManager Performance Profiler.  The growth of the infrastructure requires the individual to update the original design and deploy new functionality based on his/her expertise with the NetIQ product suite.
  • Familiar with making recommendations to AppManager tool set to carry out a configuration review and analysis, monitoring review and analysis, control center review and analysis and reporting validation as it exists in its current state
  • Additionally, the individual will be able to provide knowledge transfer sessions with key individuals for monitoring optimization and policy design
  • The individual will have experience in performing a consulting effort that includes key recommendations to the individuals responsible for monitoring and oversight of the environment


Our client has deployed a new AppManager (AM) infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of the latest version of AppManager (version 8.2) as well as to accommodate overall growth in the total number of systems that DoITT monitors. The core of the monitoring infrastructure has been in place since November 2012. Since the Core Infrastructure has been deployed, our client and Novell have been working together to migrate and install the agents so that monitoring can occur for the entire environment.


The Systems Integrator shall provide the professional services set forth in Section 4.0 of this Request for Services (RFS), which may include, but are not limited to, technical analysis, design, software installation, software implementation, software integration, and training (including web-based training). The scope of services is limited to the following products:


• AppManager (AM)

• Analysis Center (AC)

• AppManager Performance Profiler


Business Justification

The AppManager software and associated technology are already in place. However, due to the rapid growth in the infrastructure, the original infrastructure design needs to be upgraded to support the monthly server increases of over 100 servers. In addition, the modification to the original design as well as the implementation of new functionality requires application specific skills and configuration expertise.


AM Infrastructure Analysis

The purpose of this task is to analyze the current network topology, review the security monitoring and alerting requirements, and make system modifications to satisfy the business requirements for the AM and AC upgrade. The infrastructure analysis task shall include the following activities:


Configuration Review – Review configuration options that were set during the implementation, including database configuration, infrastructure, user permission, and console options. Determine changes necessary to enhance performance to meet the requirements of supporting the growth of 100 servers per month.

4.1.2. Monitoring Review – Review the currently deployed AM module versions, monitoring and data collection jobs. Identify AM modules that cannot be upgraded until after all AM Agents are upgraded to ensure currently deployed monitoring is not impacted by the module update. Working with the Customer’s key stakeholders to identify AM and CC monitoring, and data retention. Analyze all deployed and licensed monitoring capabilities and NYC DoITT monitoring requirements.

4.1.3. Control Center Design – Review current Control Center design and customer requirements. Detail requirements and map to the use of Control Center Custom Properties and provide documented recommendations regarding how to best use the out of the box capabilities based on best practices

4.1.4. Reporting Validation – Review DoITT’s current use of Analysis Center (AC) reports and report distribution mechanisms. Provide recommendations for AC data retention and out of the box reports based on customer requirements and AM monitoring. These recommendations will be the used for the later Analysis Center Reporting configuration activity.

4.1.5. Configuration Summary – After all reviews are completed, document and submit the recommended modifications (including new functionality) from the infrastructure analysis.

4.2. Implementation and Training

Following the infrastructure analysis, the Systems Integrator shall validate DoITT’s requirements and processes/procedures against the out of the box product features, functionality and best practices for the AppManager software products listed. The Systems Integrator will implement recommended new functionality and modifications to the DoITT AppManager environment through the following tasks:

4.2.1. Monitoring Optimization

o Implement configuration recommendations

o Optimize monitoring based on the recommended changes provided § The optimization will be done on a module by module basis for any DoITT licensed module as directed by DoITT

4.2.2. Control Center

o Design, document and implement the Control Center Management Group and Monitor Policy design


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